The purpose of missions and their types

Mission Purpose:

The purpose of missions, whether within the Arab Republic of Egypt or abroad, is to conduct scientific, artistic, or practical studies to obtain academic qualifications or acquire practical skills to address a deficiency or serve a public interest.

Types of Missions:

1) Scientific mission for obtaining a scientific degree, diploma, certificate, or conducting scientific research.
2) Scientific mission that combines the purposes mentioned above.
3) Short mission to follow modern developments in a specific aspect of theoretical or applied knowledge, or attendance in a specific seasonal academic program.
External or internal missions may include studying for a specific period within the Arab Republic of Egypt or abroad.

Missions and Admission Requirements:

Mission details, including the type of mission and application requirements, are communicated by the regional office responsible for missions, as decided by the higher committee, within specified deadlines.
Applications are submitted to the Director of the Missions Department using the designated form.
Scientific missions are limited to candidates with a very good ranking or its equivalent in the qualifying certificate for mission eligibility. Additionally, an excellent ranking or its equivalent is required in the subject area and related core subjects.
Foreign and International Scholarships:

No individual, ministry, institution, or public entity is allowed to accept scholarships for study or specialization from a foreign country, university, institution, or foreign body without the approval of the Chairman of the Higher Missions Committee. The Missions Department is notified to take action in accepting or rejecting the scholarship.

Study Leaves:

The duration of study leaves, whether paid or unpaid, is determined, and extension is only permissible after obtaining the opinion of the Missions Office, the supervisor of the member, the supervisor professor, and the granting authority. Approval from the executive committee in the region is also required.

Medical Fitness:

Mission students or assigned employees going on a study leave abroad must pass a medical examination in accordance with the rules in the General Medical Commission regulations.

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