Prime Zagazig University announce the launch of the festival to celebrate the victories of October in collaboration with the convoy beam goodness

D announced. Khaled Abdel Bary president of Zagazig University for the launch of the festival to celebrate the victories of the sixth of October 73 in cooperation with the convoy beam goodness from 4 to October 31, 2016.

This came during the meeting of the Board of Zagazig University in the meeting number (484) held on 09.27.2016 and the presence of Staff Gen. Khaled Said East war governor.

The festival includes a convoy of medical and educational field trips for school sea cow and villages of the cave, and the mine in rural and Habanh and Kilo 17 in Rafah and Sheikh Alhassasnh Zuid.

The festival also includes a variety of events within the university of educational seminars and artistic shows and sports races and field trips for students to a number of places to register to this epic, which is the largest military epic in the modern era: Panorama in October, drive units bolt, drive units umbrellas, planetarium military academy, exhibition General intelligence.

He d. Abdel Bari that these events come with the launch of Egypt's official and popular celebrations of the passage of 43 years since the victories of October and the return of land and dignity to the people will never overcome it is necessary that the Egyptian youth knows very well that their parents and grandparents did not withhold any to make lives to achieve victory for Egypt, which will continue to be proud their men who crossed The history log their names in letters of light.