Former Assistant Secretary of State and head of the Egyptian committee member of its Board of Zagazig investors trade

Council Zagazig University, headed by Dr. Khalid Abdul Bari approved the university president in the meeting number (484) held on 09.27.2016 to include Ambassador Gamal Bayoumi former Assistant Foreign Minister and head of the Egyptian committee of investors to the membership of the Council of the Faculty of Commerce from abroad for a period of two years, renewable Oppo familiar, especially in the subjects taught by and in accordance with the provisions of Article 40, paragraph (e) of the university organization law. It has also been approved to include all of Mr. Abdel Hamid Abu Musa, Managing Director of the Central Bank and the Governor of Faisal Islamic Bank, and the accountant Abdul Salam Mohamed Abdel Salam Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in Sharkia

It is inside the Council has approved the annexation of five professors for membership in the College Board illusion; Dr. Mohammed Sultan Abu Ali, Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics, and Dr. Mohammed Siddiq Al-Shahat Professor Emeritus, Department of Accounting, Dr. Farid Abdel Fattah Zinedine Professor Emeritus of Business Administration Department, and d. Juma Mohammed Amer, professor emeritus of statistics department, and Dr. Mohammed Makki emeritus professor emeritus, Department of Accounting.