New achievement added to the University of Zagazig: medical magazine classified the world's largest scientific sites, most recently the Chinese site CNKI Scholar

Within the new scientific achievements which are added to the University of Zagazig, headed by Dr. Khalid Abdul Bari, ranked Electronic Publishing Corporation Chinese scientific journals "Zagazig University Medical" magazine published by the Faculty of Medicine within the scientific journals outstanding and put it on its website in recognition of excellence research published them. This is the largest scientific site in China CNKI Scholar site and is one of the world's largest scientific sites.

He told d. Abdel Moneim Hijazi, executive editor of the magazine issued by the Faculty of Medicine Zagazig University since 1977, and reached out to 22 folders, folder, and each folder on almost six numbers of the most important scientific research to members of the teaching faculty.

He added that the magazine has been classified in many scientific sites most recent site CNKI Scholar Scientific largest in China, where the magazine is based on the preparation D.aaman editor Dr. soldier. Abdel Moneim Hijazi executive editor Dr. Mohammed Waheed Anwar Managing Editor of the Editorial Board also includes an elite group of faculty members of the Faculty of Medicine of all disciplines, as well as a number of foreign professors.