President of the Zagazig University, meet with members of the faculty and students at the Faculty of Nursing

During a meeting with students of the College of Nursing, Dr. Khaled Abdel Bary rector stressed that the nursing college is more important than the Faculty of Medicine in the health system in Egypt, from my point of view ... and called attention to the part practical skills and language as requirements of the labor market and work sessions in basic health care for the first band and the need for the participation of students in various student activities and excursions and convoys to create an integrated personal ... came as part of his inspection tour to follow the progress of the educational process and congratulate the students start the new school year.

For his part, Dr. Abdul Hakim Nureddin, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, said, addressing the students greet you, turnout and the spirit of optimism Targets Greater always start with dreams and the future of Egypt depends on the aspirations of young people and the ability to master time Engineering .olna in Thomas Edison's example has given to mankind more than a hundred invention. When asked about the reason for his genius despite described in childhood stupid mom is the reason he reached with the continuous and practical for 17 hours a day.

She appealed D.oml Dakhakhni dean of the university students to abide by the lectures and attention to practical exercises as well as student activities, adding that out of the college's keenness excellence of its graduates was the establishment of the Egyptian Society for nursing students to raise the level of professional and academic for nursing students in Egypt and competitiveness at regional and international level in addition to the the application of student exchange system and the opportunity to train abroad and provide necessary friction between the nursing students in Egypt and nursing students in other countries for the exchange of thought and culture and gain experience.