About Library

  Vision, mission and the goal of the library

Vision Library

Library to acquire knowledge and creativity center, thanks to the diverse collections in content and form and provide all sources and enable beneficiaries to detect and facilitate access to it, and all this requires close coordination with all partners to expand the size of the knowledge sources available to the university community and to improve the level of services provided.

University Library Message

The message libraries mainly on the support of the educational process and scientific research at the university through

  * Provide the latest information on the sources of the different forms to meet the needs of the university community of faculty, staff and students.

  * Address these sources, organized and arranged and broadcast to the beneficiaries in addition to providing other office services in accordance with the methodology is based on the high-end modern office standards and practices.

Provide ongoing training and learning opportunities necessary for the beneficiaries to benefit from these sources. *

* Promote and enhance cooperation between the college library and other libraries to provide the greatest possible sources of information to beneficiaries.
  * Supplement the libraries are staffed with qualified and trained to work to ensure the provision of services in a manner that meets the requirements the university community.

Objectives of the Library

1. library information sources: the acquisition of various forms of information sources to support the current needs and new private university in the academic learning and teaching and research programs.

2. Library Services: To provide high quality services to the university community is based on innovation and excellence to meet the maximum requirements and aspirations and expectations.

3. Libraries staff: hiring staff qualifications and possess the skills and abilities that enable them to provide innovative services and distinctive.

4. Education recipients: provide skills to use sources of information and library services at different levels in order to enable users to identify the sources of information search and locate and evaluate and then use it in an effective manner.