Dean Word

My sons and daughters ... students and students of the College of Computing And information - Zagazig University It is my pleasure to congratulate the beginning of the academic year and I am pleased to renew welcoming students of the college veterans and to thank the new students on their choice conciliator to attend college , which opens the way for them to learn about the latest findings of the science curriculum and scientific theories aspire that equips you for the post effective and positive development in our Egyptian highest goal we all agree and strive to contribute to achieve. Tusbandouna that the challenge in the near future and long term to an end , whether a challenge is evolving very quickly moves on you and you to increase your efforts of which must be based on Alatkon steps slower and also must be calculated Agafzackm wisely and awareness to achieve your hopes and ambitions petition. My sons and daughters : for you will be the hope of taking responsibility for the enlistment of Clement promising and your university honored and will do together and with the participation of colleagues, distinguished faculty members and their assistants and gentlemen administrators altogether more effort to the development and the quality of the educational process next to the practice of social activities , cultural, artistic and sports and Scout to achieve the level of creativity supervisor in these various areas. Sincerely wish you good luck and success