FCI Zagazig University Faculty of distinct quality and are in accordance with the national standards, and aims to raise the level of scientific and practical to achieve a prominent place among the Colleges of Computing and Information with emphasis on the development of the technological capabilities of the different groups of society.


Preparation of cadres specialized in the field of Computer Science and Information Systems eligible and fitted with the theoretical underpinnings and practical and able to provide scientific advice and technical assistance to the different agencies as College aims to spread awareness of the use of Computer Science and Information Systems and deepened in the community in order to develop the use of information technology in various institutions.


Objectives of the College

Aims FCI Zagazig University to:
1 - Preparation of specialists in computer science and information and networking and multimedia operations research and decision support and qualified the theoretical underpinnings and application methodologies so that they can compete in the global development of computer technology and information.
2 - Conduct studies and scientific research and applied in the field of computers and information that have a direct impact on the integrated development of society.
3 - counseling and aid scientific and technical bodies and agencies that use computer technology and information and care industry, and decision support .
4 - rehabilitation of young graduates , according to the need of the labor market in areas related with computers and information
5 - deepening technological awareness through the use of computer technology and information sectors and institutions of the state and raise the efficiency of its use.
6 - subscription with specialized agencies in order to develop and localize software systems and different applications by
7 - organizing seminars and scientific conferences in the field of computer science and information with the aim of deepening the concepts and scientific upgrading of specialized personnel .
8 - held scientific agreements with counterpart institutions and bodies at the local , regional and global in order to exchange experiences and to conduct research related to the disciplines of computer science and information systems
9 - the establishment of research units specializing in different branches of Computer Science and Information Systems .
10 - To provide and strengthen the means of publication and scientific research in various areas of specialization.